May 18

Tropical Penpals-Matt Wilkie Pseudologia fantastica

Tropical Penpals-Matt Wilkie Pseudologia fantastica

Tropical Penpals-Matt Wilkie Pseudologia fantastica

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Tropical Penpals-Matt Wilkie Pseudologia fantastica

Tropical Penpals-Matt Wilkie Pseudologia fantastica

We’ve said it time and again. The Philippines should stop being the destination of Human traffickers, pimps, scammers and plotters, pedophiles and fugitives, sex tourists, the trash of the low life citizens from around the world. It got to stop! Tropical Penpals-Matt Wilkie Pseudologia fantastica 

The team of this blog has several blogs related to the subject, but hasn’t  done enough to expose the mentally ill migrating to the Philippines “for a better life” while at the same time millions of Filipinos fleeing the country for greener pastures abroad.

Their numbers getting bigger and bigger, exploiting the hopes and expectations of desperate Filipinos thinking “the foreigner knows always better” “has money” “has knowledge” talking good” just some of the ingredients to be trusted are here.

On the other side, the foreigner who has been rejected by anyone in his natural habitat, like family, co-workers, friends, right on the first offense, meaning the first lies and incoherencies came out of his  mouth diarrhea, has found here his Nirvana.

He can say everything he wants, make them believe Jesus Christ was born before Socrates, in the case of our hero  he would say is a descendant of the Royal family, lies and damn lies a mythomaniac can imagine. Tropical Penpals-Matt Wilkie Pseudologia fantastica

Pseudologia fantastica What is it?  Tropical Penpals-Matt Wilkie Pseudologia fantastica

It is the scientific name of a serious mental disorder using Greek words to describe it – like most of the medical vocabulary – as follows. Tropical Penpals-Matt Wilkie Pseudologia fantastica
Pseudo=fake, lie. Logia = logos, speaking, speech. Fantastica= Imagination, fantasy, unreal.

In other, simpler and better known words, A mythomaniac, more commonly known as a compulsive liar, is a person who almost constantly lies. The person affected can be confusing to deal with. 

A compulsive liar feels obliged to tell lies and may even believe them to be true themselves. Compulsive lying is usually a sign of a greater underlying personality disorder, such as a narcissistic or a borderline personality disorder.
Nothing fits better Matt Wilkie’s mental condition than this. No erroneous diagnosis here. Mythomania at its finest..

Since he started blogging, around the year 2006, just as soon as he arrived in the Philippines in search of fortune and a wife who can swallow lies and deceits from a moron, (Which it wasn’t the case of his British partner and his family) put up a blog titled Tropical penpals.  Tropical Penpals-Matt Wilkie Pseudologia fantastica

As of today’s count, he has 834 pages (He has erased another 300 pages written in 2007, thanks to Evan Iliadis that exposed the myth), with an average of 5-6 entries in each. Some days he was putting up 7-8 entries, coming  on top of  those writing on other blogs he had on the net.
Because his mental condition was pushing him to believe that the whole world is running and read his blogs, and Google is busy wiring money to his accounts!  

Instead, Google honored him with pages and pages of search results about anything, but wiring money to his accounts! Look below. Tropical Penpals-Matt Wilkie Pseudologia fantastica

Tropical Penpals-Matt Wilkie Pseudologia fantastica

Tropical Penpals-Matt Wilkie Pseudologia fantastica


Matt Wilkie’s tropical penpals blog is nothing else than a copycat work. Hundreds of images and content stolen from other bloggers to feed his personality disorder. Because regardless of the fertile mind a mythomaniac  is known, he still needs others’ peoples’  ideas and real world to function.

 And that’s exactly what Tropical penpals and the rest of his blogs is, including his FB pages.  
How to deal with a compulsive liar? When you deal with the person who has compulsive lying issues, you have to let them realise that there is something wrong with them. You will need to present the truth every time they lie about something. Maybe. Let’s try.

Below, is a clip Matt Wilkie posted on YouTube just yesterday. He dreamed that he has traveled all over the world, visited marvels and wonders, used the “happy man”  paint brush and to paint himself  as a happy guy and he advises you to change lifestyle and do “what he does”… Ilsten the clip first.

-This wreck is advised you to travel like him! In his tropical pen pal’s blog he keeps writing phrases like “World travel information” “Living Internatinally” “Working Internationally” articles related to countries in 4 continents, but in the video he admits visiting only the desserts of Dubai, Oman, Aboudabi. Oh! He forgot that has also traveled to England! Because originally he’s from Scotland, and when a Scottish travels to London is like going to a different country!.. Yes! It adds to his record of countries he visited! 

-He’s now writing history with his new project, that is masturbating his mind thinking of Spain! He’s all over the net! Ole! Ole! Ole! Viva Espania! 

Citizens of Spain, roll the red carpet por favor! He claims you’re in need of skilled people, here comes your savior to the rescue! acoja con satisfacción a su salvador! Amen!…

-He told us also he has 26K pounds at the bank. Really? Who cares? I’ll tell you what folks. Matt Wilkie has never had, or even seen in his life, how really look a sleeve of this money. There is more, much more, but does anyone care? We could’ve said no! , except for one reason: How dangerous to others is a Mythomaniac? 

He is. Mythomania is often a secondary effect of schizophrenia and can affect third persons. This occurs when the “mania” of lying is present in anti-social personalities, mainly cons. In them, the “modus operanti” of the offense is deception  to obtain money and property. Matt Wilkie fits right on this description. Matt Wilkie fled the Philippines but left behind a wife and children telling them lies and deceits by promising a better future. There is more into the story of how dangerous Matt Wilkie is to others. Come back on another blog near you, in a few days. 

Tropical Penpals-Matt Wilkie Pseudologia fantastica. End of part one. 

PS. Reader. A bad hair day today? In search of fun? Click on the picture below and have fun. The best of  Matt Wilkie! Don’t miss it!
Tropical Penpals-Matt Wilkie Pseudologia fantastica

Tropical Penpals-Matt Wilkie Pseudologia fantastica