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Tim Potter’s Philippines-Sugar Land Texas-Copyright Violations

Tim Potter’s Philippines-Sugar Land Texas-Copyright Violations

Tim Potter’s Philippines-Sugar Land Texas-Copyright Violations.

It’s about a sexpat you already heard, one living in Cebu Philippines, who has made it to the headlines of the many sites and forum as being a notorious scammer and pirated (worthless) software trying to sell them to the members on the forums. He didn’t make it. No one believes him anymore, the guy is touching a bit of everything but nothing comes out right..

Tim Potter’s Philippines-Sugar Land Texas-Copyright Violations. This is the title Tim Potter posted on his blog entry complaining about Cyberstalkers, Google’s and ISP’s indifference to his complaint about someone is stealing his pictures from FB and other crap about Evn Iliadis. Take a look below is his page. Tim Potter’s Philippines-Sugar Land Texas-Copyright Violations 

Tim Potter's Philippines-Sugar Land Texas-Copyright Violations

Tim Potter’s Philippines-Sugar Land Texas-Copyright Violations There isn’t many pictures to steal from this parasite. He’s so ugly old who he hates his baldness and white hair and won’t find a pic of him close look or without a hat. Those you see here are 5 years old and photoshoped. I feel so sorry for the young girl when she goes to America. I’ll explain right on this blog shortly.

Since he mentioned Evan Iliadis on the page let me explain folks. I’m pasting a few excerpts from his sites with a reply.
Tim Potter’s Philippines-Sugar Land Texas-Copyright Violations
“As I Tim Potter PhilippineSugar Land sit back and wonder what would happen if someone stole your photos online or they steal your content. What are the actions you can take.  You can report these offenses to the web master that has the photos or material.  You can report them to the author of the website.  Yet those seem to do little good in the case of Cyber Stalker.  So then you can report them to Google who in reality just press a button for deny. 

How do I,Tim Potter Philippine-Sugar Land  knows this, a Cyber Stalker has followed me around the web for no reason.  He is a jealous bitter old man.   That wishes people to live in his misery.”

Tim Potter Philippine-Sugar Land,  Evan here. You have been misleading people all your life, lying on every single word on your posts on boards and forums, you do the same on this blog.

Evan Iliadis is not living in misery. He owns 2 cars and a motorcycle, living in a middle class neighborhood as is Mougins le haut overlooking Cannes Grasse and Sophia Antipolis.   His wife has a good job as a social worker with  the Department of Education and own on the side a cleaning business. I myself have full retirement benefits now I don’t need to work but I still do to keep myself healthy and fit. At 66 I’m jogging 3 times a week 5 kilometers at the pace of 6 per hour.  

My children are following classes  in the Lycee International de Valbonne in Sophia Antipolis at the price of 460 Euros a month that is $600 for both. The older, Christian has passed his baccalaureate exam this past June and is now enrolled at  Institut universitaire de technologie de Nice Sophia-Antipolis – IUT
The Second one still has to go, he’s only 14. Talented, honored student. Both of my sons are fully bilinguals, fluent in  French &English, having dual citizenship, the doors are open everywhere in Europe US and Canada.

How about YOUR children? Especially the one you left behind in the US? When was the last did you see it? When was the last time you paid a single dollar in child support?

Readers, don’t buy his ranting against Evan Iliadis as being a victim. It’s not gonna work.  He’s part of the mob in Cebu involved in scams and other crooked business. He’s on Evan’s wall not for no reason as he cry’s all over the blogs he set to denigrate Evan. Anonymously, no guts to come into the open, until I unmasked him and now he says he’s a victim.

He’s on Evan’s wall of shame because he started posting blogs about him before even Evan knew who he was. Like his partner Guenther Vomberg  and others they all came to support 2 of my “clients” on the hit list I am sworn not rest until I see them jailed or put out of business. Christopher Bennetts and Paul Petrea. Tim Potter’s Philippines-Sugar Land Texas-Copyright Violations  

Tim Potter’s Philippines-Sugar Land Texas-Copyright Violations