Sep 21

Mike Mountstephen owner of Spooks bar-brothel in the Philippines

Mike Mountstephen owner of Spooks bar-brothel in the Philippines
It is with great pleasure I read your concerns about me as to whether or not I’m aware of the new law passed in the Philippines regarding cybersex and other human trafficking offenses. Thanks for your interest. 

Of course I am aware and the happiest blogger on earth! Finally! No one, other than you, knows better how hard Evan has been working for the last 5 years and helped the passing of such laws, on his little own way but efficiency and persistence paid off. Remember: Evan and his team shot down your brothel “spooks” Removed the fake -expired- accreditation from the PH department of tourism you had hanging on the wall in your  barfine brothel

Let’s remind the readers what kind of brothel you owned, and still own under a different name and a corporation instead on your own name as before.
Mike Mountstephen owner of Spooks bar-brothel in the Philippines
Now, Mike Mountstephen “aka” Spooks the real reason I am here today, is to answer to this portion of your message to me: 
“Ask Evan Iliadis, he may if he ever does return be taking a very keen interest in this Act especially its pointy end!!”
Asking you:
What makes you believe That I will not comeback? What makes you believe that the provision on e-libel included in the new bill is apply to some one -like me- that went out of his way to  bring 175000 readers  around the world, half of them  from the PH, and read about you and your team of pimps and supporters can be at risque? 
Again: Will you find a Judge to side with you when I will present 180 notarized statements you have made on the net and others as well about you while in dialog with you? 
Or you maybe think that a few sexpats like you, say 5 or 6 got together and shot down a few old blogs that were irrelevant anyway since Paul Petrea is now history and the others were mostly on Chris Bennetts will slow down Evan? Or you think the “power” of Commander Guenther Vomberg did the “trick”? Or Matt willies’ barking from  the dessert of Oman had any effect? None! This blog also may come down. So what? It’s an old site that needs maintenance. But me and partners decided to let it go and build new one. Bigger, with space for every one! Stay tuned, you’ll be amongst the first to be notified, priority always given to senior citizens and old residents. 

Mike Mountstephen “aka” Spooks, I am here to inform you, that Yes, I will return. Very soon. With new buildings where of course you’ll have your own “private room” as a tribute of being a long time resident. 
In closing, I would appreciate if you can answer again the question of this flock together forum-mate of you. 

Mike Mountstephen owner of Spooks bar-brothel in the Philippines
Thanks in advance for your prompt response to the request, thanks also for your interest in me reminding me that I should have taken care of you a bit more often than I do.
Sincerely yours
PS. You may also need to take a look here and say hello to some of your buddies. The space is free and secure..
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