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Matt Wilkie Raising pigs in the Philippines

Matt Wilkie Raising pigs in the Philippines.

Matt Wilkie smart Pigs raiser

Matt Wilkie Raising pigs in the Philippines.Is a Piggery a viable business in the Philippines?
Depending on what your skills are. If you don’t know anything else in life -professionally and intellectually speaking, and how desperately you need money to survive, it may help to provide your family with meat once in while instead of the daily salted fish menu.
One thing is for sure, no expat in the Philippines ever has made any money from it, Filipinos that tried their chance realized that at the end of the day the only beneficiary from this business is the company who sells you the feeding products promising you “high return on your investment.”

Matt Wilkie is not an ordinary expat of course, he can even draw vinegar out of the body of a dead fly, so genius is the guy. Besides, he has his own way to discipline the pigs and forced them to gain weight fast, so fast, the meat is covered with 5 inches of fat, so when you make a lechon you get only half of the pig! His secret? “You fecking pigs you don’t obey I’ll report you to the PNP!”
But no Matter what Matt do, pigs are pigs they are not in a hurry to grow for helping him. 
They told him we are not willing to give you more than 1000 pesos a month profit, equal to 25 US$ dollars a month. Here is what Matt learned talking to the pigs. Click here To read the fascinating story of this entrepreneur. there is also other blogs where you can read about Matt Wilkie experience in the Philippines. Click on the links below and enjoy.

Matt Wilkie the snitch