Oct 03


So,Perry Gamsby wants my Blog down. He said he’s the victim of a cyber stalker. Here is what he said on his blog.
“As frustrating as it often is to have to deal with cyber stalkers, the good news is it is only getting better and better in my fight to rid myself of this parasite and his unwanted and unwarranted campaign of lies, twisted half-truths and scurrilous BS. He has lost all credibility as evinced by the fact he no longer has well meaning but naive do-gooders siding with him. He still tries to join in conversations on forums and groups and then pretend to be saving the world but he is quickly being outed and ignored.

I do wish Google would ignore the laws of the world less. They continue to arrogantly insist if I want him to stop posting my copyright images I should talk to him! How do you hold a sensible conversation with someone who is mentally ill? How do you reason with the unreasonable? If he were sane and in his right mind he wouldn’t be doing this.

Obviously Google just want to protect their business. If they give in too easily they may lose revenue and we can’t have that in this capitalist dominated consumer world of ours. Fair enough, but as soon as you hit them with the magic words DCMA they quickly forget their high moral ground stance and knuckle down and obey the law”.
Me, Evan Iliadis says: I want your misleading books on the Philippines out of the net.
Perry’s books is a slander and a slap on the Filipinos’ face, a defamation to the people and the government of the Philippines; He hates the people of this country and has expressed it several times in the past and recently. I am reminding my readers and Mr.Google again, ” look who’s talking about being a victim of a cyber stalker. 
Cyber stalkers don’t sign their blogs, Evan does. Cyber stalkers have a hidden agenda, Evan doesn’t. Copywrite infringers stealing images and other intellectual property on the net for profit. Evan doesn’t, Evan doesn’t sell anything on the internet, not a single dollar income from the net, his blogs are advertisement free. Evan is an activist working on cleaning up the Philippines of indecent expats, many committing crimes and get away with it due to the loose laws and corrupted officials leaving the activists with no other choice but naming and shaming the perverted expat community there. That’s all Evan and his team do. And you Perry? If I come to your country as a guest and go online saying this about Australians:
Do you thing I will go unnoticed? That Australians will not react to my comment? There is a lot of controversy on your statement. You did not take your kids out of there for the reason you said you did. I will explain that on another blog. 

 And this one comes from your own forum http://groups.yahoo.com/group/streetwisephilippines3/
There are other statements you have made, all published on this blog. Would you please tell us, where me, Evan, is lying? Which of the images or any other intellectual property I stole from you and for what purpose? 
You have stated times and gain that your main partner in publishing and marketing your books is Chris Bennetts. We can see his picture on the cover of one of your books.  Readers and Mr Google take a look below. The screenshot was taken in August 2012 and published on several blogs, something that triggered Chris Bennetts to put the domain name under private registration. 

The original whois web site was downloaded and saved here:

Perry Gamsby: The first thing comes in one’s mind is:”How can I trust to put a credit card on line to buy his books on a site owned by a partner of the kind of man Chis Bennetts is?”
To your opinion, is there any copywrite infringing on the picture above? Any  word, sentence or any thing changed from the original public record as appeared at the time of saving the document? If yes, why don’t you write to whois.com and tell them that I’m falsifying their database to fit my cyberstalking appetite? Whois.com is a big company and will react on the spot!

Mr. Google: This blog is hosted on your servers for free and you have the right to decide who does what in your backyard. I’m expecting that you will probably shut down this blog on the simple fact that someone went to the chilling effects web site, filled an DCMA ticket saying “this picture is mine and for this i want the whole site down”. To the contrary of others hosting ISP – like Godaddy- who will consider my counter statement on the facts and restore the site until a court order is issued, you Mr. Google will shut down the blog with no warning or hear the other side of the story. 

Perry Gambsby. Lucky you! Google may decide and act on this blog, but he can’t prevent my crusade to go on! And no, I will not file claims with Mr Google or chilling effects site. 
The DCMAs will go to sites like publicopinion.com , attentionforums.com, expatsbeware.com and the like.  Unfortunately for you, Mr Google can’t do anything on that. 

Have a nice day Perry, I’ll see you soon on another blog near you, with no .com.au restrictions. 

Truly yours

Evan Iliadis