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EVAN ILIADIS-CHRIS BENNETTS and more Me voila! back again!. 



We had a wonderful May and June here in Cannes, La Croisette  with its Palais  des festivals where gather la creme de la creme des artistes from all over the world, this year Michael Douglas and Oliver Stone were the masters of ceremonies   not only on stage distributing awards and Cesars, but throwing parties nightly, big, immense, with glamor and a touch of international level class. They went to the local TV  talk shows to remind us  that culture and art is a border-less community, true artists, care one ID only, the same for all, one that says “Citoyen du monde” that is, World’s citizen .  Because if you come here with your yank Vietnam era culture and mentality, better stay home lol! This place is not for you… You are good only to join the CdeO community!…  

Above is the Carlton hotel in Cannes where the stars staying during the festival. That’s where Mike Belter – the unlimited finances guy –  stayed when he visited me.
So, who cares about the sexpats in the Philippines? No one except Mike Farrell. Yes, Mike Farrell again. He wrote me to remind me that I am late in updating the site and he seems very concerned of what happened to me. You’ll read his mail shortly, but before that, he send me a nice birthday announcement card that I feel so embarrassed  I did not reply, not even with a “happy 73 Mike!”
EVAN ILIADIS-CHRIS BENNETTS and moreHere is Mike’s card. (Click on the image to enlarge it) Congratulations Mike! You have once again proven to be a genuine sexpat, a real leader of this group “the patriarch” as Paul Petrea calls you, by setting the tone as to how a sexpat should announce his birthday to his fellows. Bravo ! Bravo! 
But no many replied though… I didn’t see any enthusiasm from your groupies. Maybe because they were too busy counting the rat feces in the coffee beans?…
Looking at the image you sent me, I noticed that the most important is hidden under the blanket. I hope the picoy is  still sharp and operational and did not have the fate of your K-Bar, now a piece of valueless rusted metal… I hope, I really pray, is true!.. But the picture doesn’t show also who’s celebrating your BD with you. Is this your wife? You always talk about 5 children but never about your wife. The only time we have read something is here. So what happened to the drama?

She probably dumped you… Who wants a smelly drunkard around… Not even Brad Hughes  lol!!

Here is Mike’s mail expressing his concern:
It is true that the CdeO  Yahoo sexpat group is going from bad to worst lately, many are pissed off wasting their time reading about rat feces in the coffee beans that was going on for days. Boring, isn’t it? They have nothing to discuss, they are bored to death, all of them are trapped in there (Phlpns)  and blame their countries for their exile and downgraded style of life instead of themselves. So, I’ll do them a favor to give them something to read, something they’ll  enjoy.
A few of this group, feeling the heat, in desperation on how to defeat this “little man” exposing them on a regular basis, they decided to call in some one thinking it will be a high caliber warrior, a good logistician, exposing psychopaths, sociopaths and all kind of ‘paths that finds on his way unmasking his criminal activities in the Philippines.   Damaging blogs? The only damages inflicted so far is to himself only, like this one, He closed  it down a few months later and went on hide, but he uploaded a bunch of new ones. Click here to see he newest and a few others that I will post all the links later on.

Introducing Christopher Bennetts aka Chris Bennetts.

Welcome to my Wall of Shame Chris! I hope you will be grateful for approving your request  to be introduced on this blog, hopefully helping you sell some “books” and porn video, even though it will be hard to find people  willing to put their credit card on line, but that’s another topic that will be later with the next update.

To my knowledge, he (Bennetts) has never lived in CdeO, but he’s using the sexpat community there to open a new battlefield against me in retaliation to the exposure that promoted him to the most cruel pornographer pedophile the Philippines ever knew. But everything he’s publishing is anonymous, with the exception of  3-4 posters all on my well documented wall of shame which is understandable what’s the reason behind their madness. But, poor guys, they can’t find dirt on me, so they limit the “discoveries” to unfounded and undocumented hearsays “bombshells”
I wasn’t planning to waste my time responding or rebut their crap because:1. Those who know me, they know I am a perfectly healthy person, never had hepatitis C or whatever and the only meds I was taking is to slow down the blood pressure, something that I obtained without for the last 14 months, by paying attention on my weight ( Lost 17 kilos and keep counting) taking healthy meals, – hey folks, we are in France! – plus a daily intensive exercise, something difficult to apply in the PI due to the humid climate, questionable quality  food that  send me twice in the hospital with severe food poisoning.
 Here is a portion of a long mail sexpat Tom Mcallaster, a member of the CdeO group sent me in May 2006, that means almost  a year later after I left the Philippines. The mail in its entirety can be seen here
So? Tom McAllaster? Who needs medications? Me or you? 2. Those who don’t know me, they just don’t care!..Why they will bother to read about me?3. last and most important. Unlike Chris Bennetts, not a single Euro of my income  comes  from the internet. None! Nada! I am not selling “informative” misleading books, or buying links to increase the web traffic of my pages, (no ads are allowed in my sites) that might generates  a few dollars earning from Google that he, now bankrupt, need more than I do.
And that’s the problem Chris Bennetts has. That no one cares about me, they  care more  about him, because he  asks  people to put their credit card on line to watch his barbaric porn videos   or buy rip-off books that tells others how to become rich while he’s an admitted failure in business  incapable to pay child support to his children, or in another book bearing his wedding picture on the cover and tells them how to find the ideal Filipina and be happy for ever. Bwahahaha!!!! Follow the example folks!…
More on that on the next update.But mails came from supporters insisting that I should answer these accusations. Many of them, provided me with valuable information, so there I am, I will respond just to a couple for the heck of making them happy and in short and direct to the point style. Then, i will move on, there is a lot coming, no time to respond the accusations…
1- I left the Philippines in august 2005 the health problems been just part of the reason but mostly  to provide  a better education and future to my children.2- I came back in June of 2007 and stayed 3 months . No one was waiting for me to sue me as Chris Bennetts trumpets on his blog for whatever reason, instead, the Rotary club and the Village aide Program were waiting for me with a Paul Harris Fellow  award for my contributions to Rotary projects. He also said that I was  stealing money from the Rotary. When was that? Any document? any signed statement  from anyone to support it?
My last meeting at the Rotary was August  2007, where I received-in addition to PHF award-a presidential recognition as shown below and dated August 2007. That was it! I came back in France a week later  and never joined the Rotary again. So, you mean to say that they rewarded me for stealing their money?
3- I went back last year, 2009  with my wife we decided, before go to Bohol, to explore the Luzon region and Borakay that I didn’t know. By the third week of my trip, that was in Vegan, I had to interrupt my stay due to a call I received to appear to a hearing concerning  my retirement in litigation with the French administration for the past 3 years, that should I ignore it, the court will decide the case on the government’s argumentation only.


 Chris Bennetts, You won’t find any dirt on me other than the one you and your scumbag friends are inventing and throwing in. You have tried before and you failed. This time will be the same. You have not documented anything, your acquaintances – mostly criminals- haven’t either.  How about you Sexpat Tom Macallaster? From 40 members in the Rotary Club of Tagbilaran, only you, another American and 2 Fil/Americans sided with the crooks Dave Collins and Derek Pyrah. Do you think the other 36 will believe your crap? Do you think your association with these sexpats and criminals goes to your advantage? 

Coming soon in a blog near you:
you never judge a book by its cover, but when you buy one, you want to know who the authors are. Come back in few days,  I will introduce them to you in depth, I’ll  tell you who they are, what their books is all about.