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CHRISTOPHER – CHRIS BENNETTS. On the trail of a master pornographer living in the Philippines.


CHRISTOPHER - CHRIS BENNETTS. On the trail of a master pornographer living in the Philippines.

CHRISTOPHER – CHRIS BENNETTS. Dear reader, we are a team of bloggers living in the Philippines and around the world, in mission of unmasking human trafficking business taking place in poor countries and  financed by unscrupulous pimps, criminals originated in the first world, with some living in the Philippines, other conducting the business from abroad, the majority from English speaking countries. 


Some of us chose to act under cover identity justified by the dangerous behavior of the main characters, that you’ll have the opportunity to read  the extend of their ferocity soon, while others are not afraid  the open game and risks are taking by disclosing it. 
As far as you – the reader- is concerned this shouldn’t make any difference, all you have to consider is our motivations of spending time and money in maintaining this  site, that we have nothing to sell you or asking any donation, ads are not allowed in our site, besides, everything is documented and backed up, often by the accused statements, comments and electronic finger prints that we have good knowledge in collecting and decipher for you to understand, helping you to find out who’s who. 
Reader, please, accept in advance our sincere apology for some of the links we will be directing you shortly. We know are cruel and disgusting, but we need also to preserve our credibility and show the world that we are not a bunch of sociopath-liars as Chris Bennetts is stating all over his blogs but true crusaders fighting for the dignity and reputation of the Filipino woman. We are not stalking him because he used to be a member of the Rotary International as he claims, but because of who he really is, hoping to persuade some of his friends Rotarians to renounce protecting him, help arrest him and put him in jail.
We are just a group of activists revealing human rights violations without hesitating to include names and countries where the violations occur, especially in the Philippines where the “business” is flourishing thanks to foreigners financiers and a few corrupted local officials that collaborate with them.  
Please, be indulgent with the syntax and wording, English is not the native tong for some of us, but we strive to make our story clear and comprehensible to our readers. After all, reiterating what we  have stated above, we are not here to sell you anything, other than true stories of real people, tyrants and victims living in the third world, our crusade concerns mostly the Philippines, a country we know well, as husbands to Filipino women, living or lived in the Philippines long enough to tell a story.
In the picture above and at the very bottom, you’ll notice the emblems of two known organizations. Left, the Rotary International, to your right the Free and Accepted Masons, or Free Masonry’s if you prefer. Today’s writer, Evan Iliadis, know them  both for serving them for a few years the first, for many, many years the second. The reason these emblems are pictured there, is because our pimp of the day Christopher Bennetts  is using them in his blogs to gain credit and consideration, plus a substantial cover up protection  from some of his Rotarians friends in Cebu that keep him off a jail cell where he normally belongs. As to the Free Masonry emblem he put up on his blogs, I am investigating his membership in a Lodge, that logically would be in the Philippines, Thailand or some where in Victoria-Australia, regions that he lives or lived in the past.  
CHRISTOPHER - CHRIS BENNETTS. On the trail of a master pornographer living in the Philippines.Let’s now begin our story about this very special felon that, contrary to his fellows pimps, chose  a different life style. During the day Christopher Andrew Bennetts seems to be an upstanding businessman and community member, but at night he is a demented person who takes advantage of young underage girls, then, by manipulating some good faith people secures membership in organizations that will guarantee a safe way out of been jailed. You’ll soon read about at least one of them.
Chris Bennetts is now 50, an Australian citizen, married to a Filipina named Antonieth Revilla DINOLANG on the 25th of January 1989 in General Santos City, Philippines and has 4 children:
1. Philip Neal Dinolang born 9-10-1988 – G.S.C. Phil.
2. Edward Andrio Dinolang born 9-5-1991 – Box Hill Aust.
3. William George Dinolang born 18-12-1992 – Dandenong Aust.
4. James Anthony Dinolang born 24-12-1995 – Box Hill Aust.
He moved his family to Cebu – Philippines in the year 2006 and in just 2 years he added 2 more children with 2 different young girls, not sure if of legal age or not. One with Ruby, the famous Rex that he exposed the kid all over the net in a attempt to appear a sensitive human, where in reality was a plot to justify the beating up of the mother of the kid when she dumped him for been a criminal and the lowest of the low life guys in Cebu.The other one,  Judy Delima with whom he has another child, she wrote me back in 2008 to ask help in suing him as been minor at the time of the pregnancy, and not paying child support, but the last mail I received she was telling me that he -Chris- paid her some money and she will stop the proceedings for the moment. Ever since, I lost track of her, if any one knows her whereabouts please contact me.
His legitimate wife, Antonieth, having enough of his extramarital encounters with underage girls, plus, he tried to involve her in his immoral and criminal business, like in “dance studios” that she didn’t know “the studio” had webcams transmitting  some nasty things, she threw the towel on him, took their 4 children and left in Australia where she lived most of her life before come to the Philippines with Chris. Click here to read Chris Bennetts statement.
He introduced himself in the community as a IT geek, a network specialist,  but personally, I and any one with knowledge in computers, won’t go further than qualify him as just a computer guy with some web design skills mostly specialized in pornographic content, plus some knowledge in e-commerce development limited to a minimum. 
 No one has seen a portfolio of his web sites setup for customers, other than the ones who built for himself for the purpose of repairing his damaged image, or selling some legitimate products, (other than porn images and videos) which he doesn’t really care that much since the bread and butter of his income come from selling rude, cruel and violent videos involving Flippinas underage. 
The rest -including all the sites he setup against Evan Iliadis- is to fool the Philippines authorities that he’s an intellectual, educated guy rather than a low life criminal as many said…. 
Christopher Bennetts own more than a 100 domain names and hundreds of web sites under these domains and sub-domains, but his signature appears only on 4-5 of them, it used to be on none but under pressure from Evan Iliadis who was revealing them one after the other he chose to sign a few for the heck of proving him wrong. We’ll see if he will do the same for the rest once all links will be posted here lol! 
The corner stone of this criminal enterprise used to be one of his front store sites with innocent content on the surface like  http://www.computermanagers.com.au/ 
I put the site upside down, I can’t find the name Christopher Bennetts on, neither you’ll be able to contact any one. (I am sure you will as soon as I publish this) But I have managed to prove that this site belong to Chris Bennetts. is registered under his name and you can see it your self by clicking here. What you have just saw, is the official registry where every single domain name is indexed and who owns it. A reverse DNS search (I’ll explain what this is shortly) shows that he had another site on the same server under the name imagingideas.com.au   
The computermanagers.com.au site is functioning partially, with just one or two links working, some times all, the other one, imagingideas.com.au was deleted after I revealed its existence and linked Chris Bennetts as the owner of this site in my first investigation in 2008., then a few days ago reappeared again, Today, it still appears in the whois data base under a bogus registrant and contact name  and its content is all porn sites 


But Google did not erase the trail of evidence of the domains ownership. Please, Go back to the  pages here again and Voila! they are all there! including the whois record of imagingideas.com.au I saved as PDF file and uploaded here.
CHRISTOPHER - CHRIS BENNETTS. On the trail of a master pornographer living in the Philippines.
CHRISTOPHER - CHRIS BENNETTS. On the trail of a master pornographer living in the Philippines.
This year, 2010, Chris Bennetts put in place an extermination plan to finish with this psychopath-sociopath-sick mind guy as he portrays Evan Iliadis, this other computer guy who knows as much as he knows about internet, or, put it this way, enough to unearth his hidden sites and statements he makes here and there in the forums thinking that his privacy is secured and guaranteed using bogus names. He-Bennetts- calls this “stalking” I call this “a crusade against a criminal for the purpose of arresting him and put him in jail”
As part of his plan mentioned above, he first revamped his porn sites by moving and  dispersing them to different servers under different names and countries to confuse his detractors -that he has more than he thinks- and complicate the task of the Philippines authorities looking at his activities.
So, goodbye computermanagers and imaging ideas coms, Hello to chrisbennetts.org!….And yes, org. sounds better than com, because is the acronym of organization and fits better even if is a pornographic nature org. As usual, he will put a few “legitimate” image making sites, a link dehumanizing this “sick guy” Evan Iliadis and of course, banners and advertisements selling “books” software and other “educational” material.

But what’s new about Chris Bennetts activities? Nothing! Is the same guy as he always was, I knew it, but I was hoping that after he ridiculed himself so badly, after he exposed so many of his friends in his blogs and statements in the forums and elsewhere, he will go into a low profile mode, will join his family and children in Australia, find an honest day time job and move on. Instead, he left Thailand, and came back to the Philippines, did not take advantage when the rain was pouring brains, because he was holding an umbrella…
What we have seen lately  is another exposure for the purpose of revenge to his past critics, struggling to discredit them, with chances to achieve it from slim to none. This didn’t happened without some collateral damages along the way to some of his contributors that will describe them for you during this journey to the unbelievable and cruel Chris Bennetts’ porn world.
But what’s so cruel and unusual to Bennetts sites compared to those posted by other porn operators? A big one!
1- 90% of his sites are displaying Filipinas and other Asian girls.
2-The captures and comments accompanying the scenes are of rare sarcasm and humiliation, beyond imagination for a sane person, especially when this person is the father of 6 Filipino children. Below are some examples of his sites, be the judge if this is about sex or pure barbaric, sadistic behavior. Details and explanation of what is all about this photo can be seen here. http://www.bukkakefacts.com/bukkake_single_file.html
CHRISTOPHER - CHRIS BENNETTS. On the trail of a master pornographer living in the Philippines. This is one on your left,comes also from one of Chris Bennetts sites with 12zens of subdomains, sub-sites and variations of the practice. The original site is  http://www.peeasia.tv/
Of course, the first remark come to the reader’s mind is : “How here in the wall of shame blog  we know that this site belongs to Bennetts?
Well, I will go the extra mile to make it as simple as possible for you to understand how the internet works, how nothing can be kept private, everything is transparent and straight forward as long as you know where to look for and I am here to do it for you.
It will take time to go through the labyrinth Chris has built for make the trail invisible but been a Greek descendant I know how to unravel Ariadne’s ball of thread tracing my way out, once done, bring you the facts as I discover them when inside.
Readers, this is just a preview of what it means to be a long and detailed count of Chris Bennetts activities. Due to the technical complexity the internet is built on, getting even more complex as features are added on a daily basis resulting to  further confuse the end user, the team decided to break down the investigation to several archives, let the reader understand the first before we proceed with the next. We’ll go as fast as we can, provided that we have a life with regular family and professional occupations. The machine may roll slowly in times, but it rolls!…
What today’s writer -Evan Iliadis- has explained you is why we are particularly interested on Chris Bennetts.
Come back in a few days for another update. Meanwhile, enjoy some other articles about expats and sexpats we have on line clicking on the links below:
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Yes, very cruel and controversial images. I received some negative feedback for publishing them, but nothing will change. They are here to stay for every one to see up to what perverts and criminals can go for greed. For Daisy Cline  to see what she already know, how the sexpats living in her entourage exploiting the girls in  her country, to her total indifference “and not my problem” attitude, and for the first world,  that those criminals are originated “to be proud of their good taste when it comes to sex.”  Enjoy the show lol!! and the stealing in your credit card !!
 The file was downloaded and saved. CLICK to see it














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