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CHRIS BENNETTS – Internet Marketing


CHRIS BENNETTS - Internet Marketing
 Today, I will walk you through Christopher Bennetts porn network and as I promised, I’ll make it easy for you to understand.The screen shot on your left was taken from a server specialized on who’s who on the internet. By typing a domain name, preferably knowing the owner of this domain, as in our search is about Chris Bennetts, will reveal other sites this particular web operator owns and are hosted on the same server.
The results of the search shown on the left were saved for reference to the original site and you can see it here.  
Fellows, that’s not news to me, I know about these sites from day one I started the investigation on this felon, I have mentioned some of them on   my other blog  2 years ago, but ever since, Chris went into hibernation mode, mourning the lost of his reputation that the main contributor to this was  himself and not Evan.

All he – Evan- did was helping him to see – with supporting evidence- how low he has descended  in his life, to the point that is now to the worthless level. What else than a worthless life is living in the hiding? In total anonymity? In remote areas in the Philippines? Wanted by the PI authorities and probably by Australian authorities for non payment of child support to 6 children, 4 with his legitimate wife and two others from teen-age  girls that he has ruined their life for ever.  

The sites you see are just the tip of iceberg, they each has sub-domains and several links directing you to other sites  not hosted on this server but on others. I will tell you shortly where are they. But first, I want you to notice the one at the very bottom, the last link under www.xsiteu.com. 

I will now refer you to a specialized  discussion group that is some kind of the porn industry stock exchange  where pornographers present their sites, buy and sell “galleries”,web sites, exchange information about “pay sites” and other subjects related to the “profession”. Of course, the owner of the site mentioned above is there, marketing his goods mostly looking for links for his sites. It seems Chris has an obsession with links exchange that for sure  contribute to the ranking of a site in Google, but traffic is as important, all these in the condition that the bottom line result in ….results!  Something not true for every one there. Reading the profile of xsiteu we can see that he’s an old, “Senior Member” with 146 postings, the last one written June-13-2010, 12:03 AM. just days after FilipinoJustice, another crusader against Chris Bennetts spotted him in the Foogies forum. Nothing since.

Chris Bennetts, has rarely used his real name to post on whatever subject. The only time he does it  is  when under heavy pressure to do so, because of hard proofs brought up by others, or trying to salvage whatever could from his reputation. In vain, too little, too late. Below is a screenshot of a  Bennetts posting you already read the original in the link above.

CHRIS BENNETTS - Internet Marketing
 Reader, another Bennetts safe-house is about to be revealed. 
I like first to point out Bennetts last posting to this forum written June-13-2010, 12:03 AM. that is clearly a rebutal to what was said by FilipinoJustice and others on him. 

CHRIS BENNETTS - Internet Marketing

 Notice, the footer of the posting is a link? This is Chris’s  signature on all postings he has made in this forum. This will be our next topic. I will explain you all about this site and how Chris Bennetts is using it to find “partners” and information on “pay sites”and much more. In few days…

 The file was downloaded and saved. CLICK to see it














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