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Aug 01

Christopher-Chris-Bennetts Meeting the Grand Master.

Christopher-Chris-Bennetts Meeting the Grand Master. admin March 24, 2013 Travel & Expat Living 0 Comments Christopher -Chris-Bennetts published this picture on a blog. He’s a Freemason? Nope! A mythomaniac as his buddy Matt Wilkie. He has never been a Mason. A liar! He just managed to take a picture. He managed to go to the …

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Jan 11

Christopher Bennetts Violence on Women

Christopher Bennetts Violence on Women. I have downloaded the clips you see above on another blog. Warning! isnotaboutsex butabouttorture! If you don’t mind vomiting go to this blog Christopher Bennetts violence on women Christopher Bennetts Violence on Women. Christopher aka Chris Bennetts, to his own admission is the owner of the most perverted sites …

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Oct 04

CHRIS BENNETTS – Internet Marketing

    Today, I will walk you through Christopher Bennetts porn network and as I promised, I’ll make it easy for you to understand.The screen shot on your left was taken from a server specialized on who’s who on the internet. By typing a domain name, preferably knowing the owner of this domain, as in our …

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Jan 15

Sexpats-Whorehouses-Philanthropists-Pimps all in one…. And the rest of us…

Sexpats-Whorehouses-Philanthropists-Pimps all in one is known and established, Good people prevail over evil, no matter the means evils are using to intimidate or discourage the first of going on with their crusade in fighting corruption, criminals pimps and human traffickers everywhere in the world, particularly in the Philippines where me and other crusaders have special ties. Two …

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