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May 18

Tropical Penpals-Matt Wilkie Pseudologia fantastica

Tropical Penpals-Matt Wilkie Pseudologia fantastica Tropical Penpals-Matt Wilkie Pseudologia fantastica Tropical Penpals-Matt Wilkie Pseudologia fantastica We’ve said it time and again. The Philippines should stop being the destination of Human traffickers, pimps, scammers and plotters, pedophiles and fugitives, sex tourists, the trash of the low life citizens from around the world. It got to stop! Tropical …

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Dec 07

Matt Wilkie Philippines-Thomas Rhuland-Pedophile sites.

Matt Wilkie Philippines-Thomas Rhuland-Pedophile sites. What Matt Wilkie has to do with this? Plenty. Matt Wilkie Philippines-Thomas Rhuland-Pedophile sites. Back to the year 2011 when detective Matt Willie was spreading his myths about being a VIP within the Philippines National Police a self-proclaimed consultant in child protection unit we had quite few laughs and “look who’s …

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Apr 10 scam scam You better believe the monster of LochNess is still alive and well than be fooled by someone somewhere in a remote area of Cebu Philippines has a business offering BPO services telemarketing, teleshopping, telebarfine and many other “services”. Introducing Matt Wilkie in Cebu Philippines a British National living in Minglanilla 2 hours south of …

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Apr 01


Matt-Wilkie-Business-Development-Manager-BDM-Wanted-For-Call-Center–Cebu-Philippines Matt-Wilkie-Business-Development-Manager-BDM-Wanted-For-Call-Center-Cebu-Philippines BPO 24hour is currently expanding rapidly and as such, we need to add another new business development manager. We only need experienced candidates as this role doesn’t currently have any trainee positions.You will need to be well organized and capable of delivering new business for the call center on a regular basis. In return, you …

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Oct 30


mattwilkieleaks-diaries-Philippines-national-police-informant mattwilkieleaks-diaries-Philippines-national-police-informant Law associate professor Michael Rich is an expert on informants — he’s one of the only people in the US who studies or writes about how the process impacts the informants”Most people who become informants are low-level offenders who cooperate out of terror, Rich said. They are vulnerable too— often drug addicts, minors, undocumented workers …

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