Monthly Archive: May 2010

May 30

Am I an expat basher? unmasking the indecent sexpats (and some criminals) in CdeO and elsewhere in the Philippines?

Probably yes. But why they blame the exposure to me for that? They -CDO sexpats – are exposing one another among them, others do self exposing proud to be seen on the web. Does this remind you the heroes? I’m sure it does..They do it through discussion forums and blogs, just for the heck of …

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May 11

A Rotary Governor’s comments. Shame on him

People think, being a District Rotary Governor is a big deal. Some one important. This writer, a former Rotarian, tell you isn’t so. Is just Mr. every one, some one that spends some time of his life doing community service for the purpose of helping others and at the same time helping himself as well. …

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May 04

A little break… – Live In The Philippines Blog

A little break… – Live In The Philippines Blog Readers, no, is not over. The team of Sexpats wall of shame has completed several updates on other indecent sexpats living within the community in Cagayan De Oro.  We will tell you who sexpat Mike Belter is that me and my sons  were waiting for his …

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