Monthly Archive: February 2010

Feb 20

Keep brothels out of the Philippines Provinces. No more Angeles Cities. Bloc Mike Mounstephen’s expansion projects, his sinister bar fine marketing in the country.

Keep brothels out of the Philippines Provinces.Spooks, between me and you. Contrary to your statements  here and there you have been more than concerned of my writings on this blog, not necessary of what I’m saying, but mostly of what YOU ARE saying here an there on porn sites where you like posting stupid threads …

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Feb 13

Part 2 of 2. An appeal to CAGAYAN DE ORO government officials to stop the protection of whorehouses as Mike Mountstephen owner of the Spooks bar claims he enjoys. He has openly admitted violating the human trafficking laws, his business operating permit be revoked and criminal charges shall be filled against him. Part 2

TUESDAY NOVEMBER 30TH 2010  A short update to inform you that: 1- Many of the links below from THE INTERNATIONAL SEX GUIDE  that were directing you to the original postings about Spooks brothel in Cagayan de Oro were deleted or misplaced in a gesture to protect pimp Mike Mountstephen owner of the said brothel  from …

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Feb 12

Reply to Ron on his trash on Justin’s Arledge father. More coming on the next update in few days.

FRIDAY FEB. 19TH 2010  I received from Justin Arledge a mail as a rebuttal to the liars. Justin did just what I was sure he will, come forward as a real man, not a chicken and explain. Here is his response Ron V. and Gordon Elletson, I was forwarded the posting you guys made on …

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Feb 06

Awaiting a new post in preparation by the team of sexpats wall of shame, here is some comments and reactions read on various forums and mails received conserning Gordon Elletson aka Texkano and Mike Spooks (That’s how he likes to be called).

About  Gordon Elletson aka “Texkano”. The once upon the time  macho guy Gordy roaming all over the net barking racism, hatred, vulgarity, fanfaronades  and more has now disappeared from the forum scene.  No where to be found. He has been barricaded behind his new Yahoo group with 20 of his losers from the previous group …

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